I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've always been intrested in art and after working 4 years in the Film and TV industry doing Post-production as a Color Grading artist and Compositing artist I decided to put all my atention into painting and drawing doing Concept Art and Illustration.

Currently I'm open for comissions working full time as a freelance artist. If you are intrested please don't hesitate to contact me.


How can I get in touch with you for professional work?
Just contact me. You can write me directly on the Contact form or sending me an email, chat in Skype is also acceptable

What about payment?
The prices varies depending on the project. Contact me for fees and questions

How do you usually work on your Concept Art / Illustrations?
I work with various tecniques, depending on the project, working with other artist, full colour, going greyscale then applying color, it varies. I also apply 3D if needed.

Do you feel comfortable doing collaborations with other artists?
Yes! I have a list of artist tht I feel comfortable working with, for me it's important knowing how to relate and work in a workflow that involves several artist.

I'm intrested in your work, but I can't afford it. Can I contact you to just talk or ask questions?
Of course, I'm always open to talk with other artist and art enthusiast. But if I take a bit to answer on MSN or Skype please learn to be patient, I will answer!